Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Fever

I'm just going to put it out there...

I am sick....I think I have a temperature...

I have been having Baby Fever!!! 

Not that we are planning on kids soon...not for a quite a while actually, but there
are just SO many cute things and ideas out there for the wee ones and 
I am in love with them! 


Seriously, look at this bookshelf
I am drooling! This is so precious, I think I could pull 
it off in my room, but it would look great next to this reupholstered 
rocker from Craft Hours.

{And for the price of it, I would rather have my hubby make one!}

Reupholstered Nursery Rocker

And what little baby boy wouldn't look precious with this pacifier

must get.

To see more kiddo cuties, check out my pinterest board


Effie said...

Very funky-cute. I had a similar glider with ottoman. The problem that I had with that design was I would tip forward when I was very pregnant while in the chair :P. I love the mustache craze. I am going to do some mustache cuppy cakes for The Wubie's end of school year party.

Laurie @ said...

Girl I'm with ya! Seems like everyone is pregnant right now! I can't wait for babies!

Kristin @ Brilliant Like Fireflies said...

I always have baby fever. I don't want to pin cute baby things in case people get the wrong idea, but I have tons of ideas in my head. I just added that adorable tree bookcase! Thanks for sharing it :)

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